Friday, June 18, 2010

Bewitched by Betsey!

So my mom and I were watching things on our DVR while we brainstormed ideas for blog posts.  After some cute ideas, I think/say out loud, "Why haven't we done a Betsey Johnson post?" And that's exactly where today's post is headed.  For anyone who's spent at least 15 seconds on the site or watching a runway show, you know just how adorable Betsey's lines are.  Thankfully, I came into some money right before my eighth grade semi and was able to splurge a little on a Betsey Johnson cotton-candy-esque dress. I'm always after a new dress, whether it be on ebay or just on sale and I can't stop looking at her lines.  My newest obsession? A want for a watch!  But leave it to Betsey to do something not-so-conventional.  Her watches either don't have numbers or they're totally goofy looking, but none-the-less just so cute! :)  And although I won't be getting married for another ten or so years, I have full intentions of wearing a Betsey wedding dress on my special day.  Most importantly, DON"T be ashamed of where you get your Betsey stuff.  Just because it's from TJ-Maxx or ebay, doesn't mean it's not as real!  You should be proud that you're such a bargain hunter!  I got the cutest sunglasses at TJ-Maxx for $15 and a bathing suit at Urban Outfitters (on super sale) for $20!
So if you're a fan, post a pic of/link to YOUR favorite betsey item!

(here's me in my Betsey dress!)

(PS- this post has nothing to do with witches, i'm just a sucker for a good alliteration!)

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