Monday, June 28, 2010

Owl Say!

Do you like adorable things?  Being a trend setter and ahead of the curve? Like to accessorize and stay on budget?  Of course you do!  Then you need to check out Etsy, if you haven't yet.  Etsy is the huge online community/store where crafty people gather to sell their stuff!  You can find just about anything on Etsy: jewelry, clothes, bags, paintings, decorations, vintage goods, cookies, even seeds and plants!  I wasn't kidding when I said just about anything!  My favorite part?  You can search by color! While you're browsing and perusing the site, you may come across Owl Say

You may be asking yourself... What's Owl Say? Run by stay-at-home mom, Kelley Terrill, Owl Say Designs is an amazing site on Etsy that sells luggage tags, passport covers, clutches, magnets, and so much more.  With over 400 items for sale and an astounding 2546 and counting sales already made, you can be sure this is a popular, well-liked, and awesome site!  Even though everything is super affordable, there's even a clearance section! (That was the clincher for me!)  Everything about Owl Say Designs is just so cute, from the designs to the packaging.  When I opened my Owl Say merch (about 20 seconds after my mailman dropped it off) I was happy from the first look.  Like I said, even the packaging was simple and cute, sporting a little owl.  (And that's saying a lot, cause I hate all bird-type animals!)

I was even more impressed once I opened it, though!  The matching passport cover and luggage tags are in the print 'Flower Medallion'.  The colorful print makes it totally versatile, so no need to worry about anything clashing.  I think everyone knows how important luggage tags are, especially for long distance travel.  I'm sure there's some skepticism about why you would need a passport cover.  I'll tell ya!  An adorable passport cover (like this one from Owl Say) will make sure that you can tell your passport from everybody elses.  If you're going on a family trip, I'd say it's a must.  Plus, in a field of black and midnight blue, us fashionistas have to add a little flare wherever we can.  If you ask me, $5 for a passport cover and $8 for TWO luggage tags is completely reasonable.  Wouldn't you rather spend a little (and I mean a little) now, rather than lose your luggage/passport later.  I think you would!   So if you like what you see, go check out the rest of Owl Say Designs products, available on Etsy!  It's got the FuzziestBunnySlippers Seal of Approval (not as great as the good housekeeping one, but still)!

Soon to come: Spiral Solutions and (not Etsy-related) Amon Korea!

this one took a while, so there's a lot of music! hah :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OPI Review - blogified version!

Here are the three nail polishes i talked about in the video!  I hiiiiighly recommend all three! :)

back to the video!!

oh, and these are the points I made, in bullet form!
do you lilac it?
-adorable color
    lilac, duh. actually, amethyst
-looks great on nails and toes
-looks really cute next to hot pink
-OPI, so it goes on great!
-dried super fast
-looks a little bit better on long nails than shorter

suzi says feng shui
-odd name?
-mix of denim blue, cobalt blue, and yale blue
-i think it would look a little better  on toes
-love it next to my toes, which are mint (china glaze re-fresh mint)
-OPI, goes on great.. again.
-looks better on shorter nails?

here's what I used to decide on colors: shades of... violet. and shades of blue!

as promised, the music!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Loves Acronyms?

If you're familiar with FML or MLIA and, although you may chuckle at others' misfortune or normality, you probably get sick of it pretty quickly.   If this is true, as it is for myself, I have got good news for YOU!  So, I recently stumbled upon GMH... gives me hope.  "FML for optimists."  Sometimes it's cheesy (but hey- that's one of the fuzzybunny disclaimers) and some people question whether they're all real or not, but.. well, you can judge for yourself! 
Here's one of MY personal faves:
"Today, our history teacher was telling us about a man who was famous for transporting Jews to safety during the Holocaust.

A student in the class said "That's my grandfather."

Our teacher began to cry, and said "He saved my entire family."

Beautiful coincidences GMH"

Anyway, once you're on GMH, chances are you'll land on LGMH... love gives me hope, which is even MORE adorable and sweet and just makes me cry like a baby! Granted, I cry at everything... but this shouldn't make me cry so much!  I was reading some by the pool at a family gathering and I started crying and then again sitting in the car, good thing I had sunglasses on! Ha, oh well.  Some of the stories are just so stinkin' cute. 

So, if you have a spare moment.. check it out! Also, it's not blocked the the computers at my school! (yeah, I know school's over, but still, that's a plus!)

I'm starting something new!
so here it is:  at the end of each post (or throughout) I'll put what songs I listened to while I wrote/edited/etc it!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bewitched by Betsey!

So my mom and I were watching things on our DVR while we brainstormed ideas for blog posts.  After some cute ideas, I think/say out loud, "Why haven't we done a Betsey Johnson post?" And that's exactly where today's post is headed.  For anyone who's spent at least 15 seconds on the site or watching a runway show, you know just how adorable Betsey's lines are.  Thankfully, I came into some money right before my eighth grade semi and was able to splurge a little on a Betsey Johnson cotton-candy-esque dress. I'm always after a new dress, whether it be on ebay or just on sale and I can't stop looking at her lines.  My newest obsession? A want for a watch!  But leave it to Betsey to do something not-so-conventional.  Her watches either don't have numbers or they're totally goofy looking, but none-the-less just so cute! :)  And although I won't be getting married for another ten or so years, I have full intentions of wearing a Betsey wedding dress on my special day.  Most importantly, DON"T be ashamed of where you get your Betsey stuff.  Just because it's from TJ-Maxx or ebay, doesn't mean it's not as real!  You should be proud that you're such a bargain hunter!  I got the cutest sunglasses at TJ-Maxx for $15 and a bathing suit at Urban Outfitters (on super sale) for $20!
So if you're a fan, post a pic of/link to YOUR favorite betsey item!

(here's me in my Betsey dress!)

(PS- this post has nothing to do with witches, i'm just a sucker for a good alliteration!)