Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stop Hatin' on Elf!

It's round two of e.l.f. reviews on fuzziestbunnyslippers!
I recently received an order and was particularly pleased with everything I got.
Their Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen is amazing!  I also have the Avon one that's similar, and have a hard time deciding which to go with each day, since they're both so good.  (Midnight does not look as blue as it does in the picture, but you can definitely tell it's blue, not black!)  It's got a felt tip and is soooo easy to use, my dog could probably do it! But if cat eyes (eyes like a kitteh!) are more your style, this is perfect for that!
 I'm not at all an expert with brushes (and usually just use whatever is closest to me), but the Essential Blending Eye Brush seems to be working fabulously! 
I also ordered the Brightening Eye Color quad in Matte Mauve. (Which may have been a mistake.  I don't really use matte colors, so I don't know why I even wanted this... haha, silly me, but really, it's good eye shadow.  I just haven't found an awesome use for it yet.) BUT the color is very pigmented! This quad comes in a bunch of other colors that I'm sure are fantastic!

Most importantly, I feel like I have to talk about (and defend a little) e.l.f.'s Eyelid Primer!  I've heard a variety of mixed reviews.  Some say it's awful and makes eyelids oily, others (like one of my mom's magazines) say it's amazing and "the best dollar you'll ever spend!"  I'm going to have to side with the latter on this one.  I've been using it for a little while now and absolutely love it.  I don't find it to be oily in the slightest bit.  The color lasts all day and, yup, no creasingDefinitely worth more than a dollar!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Ultimate Personal Gift Spot: Photo Jewelry Making

Sometimes getting gifts for you parents or really anyone that you're close to can be such a pain!  You want it to be personal, but you're not five so drawing a cute little family portrait just won't cut it anymore.  What you need is something creative, cute, and meaningful!  Photo Jewelry Making is the place to go! 
Does your mom love to host cocktail parties with her friends?  Get her the adorable Wine Charms Kit!  This way, you can put any pictures you want in the charms.  Maybe pictures of your family, pets, girly cocktails, anything! 
Maybe you need a gift for your grandparents who you don't really see that often, but still want it to be personal?  The Wine Charms are perfect!  Put in pictures of you and your siblings so they think of you while they're sipping their wine at dinner. 
Or, if you have a crafty mom, aunt, or older sister, just give them the entire Kit and let them have fun inserting the pictures on their own!
Of course some of us aren't 21 yet, no one said you can't use these charms on mocktails!  Have a fun girls night making the charms!

This Wine Charms Kit includes so much stuff to make it super easy and fun!  You get 6 rectangle photo wine tags and loop rings, the EZ-resizer CD, and NameMaker software!  All you need is some creative ideas and regular ol' printer paper!  (Lots of other Wine Charms Kits are available, too!  Getting married? They've got a kit for you!)

Photo Jewelry Making has tons of cute other things that you'll definitely want to check out!  Have you ever seen someone with a bottle cap necklace and you thought to yourself, "WOW! I love that, i wonder where they got it?"  Chances are they probably made it, and now you can make them, too!

This site has so much stuff, from customizable jewelry, to scrap-booking necessities, even cufflinks (Dad will LOVE that)!

So bookmark Photo Jewelry Making as "Best Gift Idea... Ever!" and never have to stress out again over getting someone the perfectly personal gift!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wanna make a lil money?

Four dollars may not sound like a lot, but if you've got hundreds of people giving you $4, it's gonna add up! This is why you NEED to know about Fiverr if you have any talent... in any area... at all.
Fiverr is an online network where people put things like, "I will promote your product on my blog for $5" or "I will perform a ridiculous and passtionate acapella version of any song under five minutes for $5".  You pay $5, the person gets $4, and Fiverr gets $1. 
If anything, just go check the site out cause some of them are hilarious! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School!?

Don't worry, this blog post is not me saying that going back to school is cute (except for all the first day outfits, of course!). Yesterday, in a sort of 'get to know each other' activity, a question asked, "What are two things you are good at?" Since I find it odd to write things like that, 'cause no one wants to seem brag-gy, right?.... I asked my friend what she thought I should write and her response: "OH! Painting your nails!" So here we are. (Sorry for the kinda unnecessarily long intro!)

The inspiration is from xSparkage... I shouldn't say inspiration because it's basically the same exact thing buuuuut.... oh well! She used Essie's Turquoise and Caicos and I'm guessing a white nail pen. I, on the other hand, used Sally Hanson's Insta-Dry Fast Nail Color in Mint Sprint and a light blue Avon color in Vintage Blue (similar to the Sephora by OPI color Havana Nights). My version is a touch cheaper.

Anyway, I only wanted to share because of how adorable this is and I have a little trick! Sometimes, using toothpicks to make precise lines and designs works out fabulously, but sometimes, you just end up in a frustrated mess. Well I think I have found a solution to this problem! Instead of going out and buying a new fine-ish tipped nail pen in every color you need, just get one! I recommend getting a basic color, probably white, because black may be a little dark for this. For whatever reason, I have a gold nail pen, so that's what I used.

This is super easy:
  • just take your nail pen
  • wipe off the excess around the brush with a tissue/paper towel
  • pick whatever nail polish color you want
  • put a little on a paper plate, some sort of palette, maybe? or i just used an upside down bathroom dixie cup
  • dip the pen into the color
  • start goin' to town!
It's so simple, easy, and adorable!  If you're not good doing precise things with your not prominent hand, just ask someone to help you out! If it would be easier for me to show you in a short little video tutorial, comment and let me know!
Thanks for reading and hope everybody is having a great week back at school!

Check out xSparkage on YouTube! She's amazing! Or read her blog!