Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Benefit: Makeup for Cuties

One of my all-time favorite cosmetic brands is Benefit. Not just because their products are superb (they are), but also because they're just so darn funny! They use these super-glam old school mannequins, and their product names are hilarious!

How about "Get Bent" for a mascara?
Or "The Realness of Concealness" for this awesome correcting kit which has 5 of their top products.
One of my all-time faves is "Dr. Feelgood", which is a mattifying facial balm. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, with no greasy shine-through. Perfect for those sultry summer days (amd nights.)
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Poor Urijah!

Okay, I know there's nothing cute about fighting...but Urijah Faber, "The California Kid," must be the cutest MMA fighter out there. He lost his WEC fight last night to Mike Brown by decision after 5 rounds. Early in the first round, he injured his right hand; then later, his left. He fought valiantly to the end, but you really need both hands to fight Brown! Both fighters were super classy after the fight, each complimenting the other...none of that boneheaded, "Grrr...I am the greatest!" garbage. Hey, Urijah...I have an idea: why don't you just save that pretty face and get into acting or something?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flip flops!

It's flip flop season again! Rejoice, Piggy Toes, rejoice!
There are lots of them to choose from out there, from cheapies in a rainbow of colors to more high brow thongs. Check out our aStore for Fred Hardy, Havaianas and these interesting flip flops:

Sugar's Floatie does just that...it floats! It's also super squishy and comfy.

The FitFlop claims to give you a work out while you wear it.
Especially good for the derriere, apparently.

This thong by Reef has a surprise...
flip it over and there's a bottle opener hidden under there!
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