Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OPI Review - blogified version!

Here are the three nail polishes i talked about in the video!  I hiiiiighly recommend all three! :)

back to the video!!

oh, and these are the points I made, in bullet form!
do you lilac it?
-adorable color
    lilac, duh. actually, amethyst
-looks great on nails and toes
-looks really cute next to hot pink
-OPI, so it goes on great!
-dried super fast
-looks a little bit better on long nails than shorter

suzi says feng shui
-odd name?
-mix of denim blue, cobalt blue, and yale blue
-i think it would look a little better  on toes
-love it next to my toes, which are mint (china glaze re-fresh mint)
-OPI, goes on great.. again.
-looks better on shorter nails?

here's what I used to decide on colors: shades of... violet. and shades of blue!

as promised, the music!

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  1. I am a huge OPI fan, but I opt for all of the basics and neutrals. I just bought Off with her red/head. I cannot recall the exact phrase, but it is a warm red orange. It makes me think of poppies and since I have very fair skin on my feet. It looks smashing!