Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spiral Solutions Hair Care Review

There's no doubt about it: summer time is torture for all hair types.  Between the sun and chlorine, it's tough to keep your tresses in check.  And if you've got curly hair like me, you know just how hard it is to find a product that works.  Lucky for us, I've found seven that do.
Spiral Solutions is an amazing company that uses plenty of natural ingredients, oils, and butters to "keep curls hydrated, nourished, detangled, shiny, bouncy, and frizz-free."  Let me tell you, Spiral Solutions really does do all of that! 

Their shampoo, which comes out later this summer, is a must for curly hair!  (This is coming from the girl who hasn't switched shampoos for four years!)  The Moisturizing Cream Shampoo is sulfate-free (muy important√©) and I would compare directly to DevaCurls NoPoo Shampoo.  The other night, I went swimming, to a bonfire, and then went swimming again, so my hair was knotty, smelled like smoke and chlorine, and needed to be washed.  The Spiral Solutions Shampoo cut through the knots (figuratively, of course) and stench and left my hair soft and super clean.
Afterwards, I used Caitlin's Condition ($14.95 for 8 oz), which is so
rich and creamy.  To style, since my hair is really damaged, I used the Deeply Decadent Moisturizing Treatment ($16.95 for 8 oz) and  then the Curl Enhancing Jelly just in the front where I'm really prone to frizz.  For me, I only use the tiniest bit so it would be totally worth it to pay $23.95 for a 16 oz bottle!  In fact, all of products require only a little bit to work 100%, so the prices are great across the board!

(me and my not-curly-headed sister, Emma) 

This morning, I got a chance to try out some more products.  I used the Strength and Shine Leave-In Protein Spray ($13.95 for 8 oz) followed by the Firm Hold Styling Gel ($12.95 for 8 oz).  I have to be honest, I was very nervous about the word 'gel', which I associate with the dreaded crunchy curls.  But to my very happy surprise... it wasn't crunchy at all!  It dried and looked wonderful!  
Even after swimming, my curls were still defined and pretty!  Later, I used the Repairing Protein Treatment ($16.95 for 8 oz) which is a necessity for all of the damaging effects that the summer has.  

Overall, the entire Spiral Solutions line is fantastic and definitely gets the FuzziestBunnySlippers Seal! I recommend all of the products mentioned above and I'm sure that all of the other Spiral Solution products are great, too.  
Let me know if you've tried any and how they've worked for you!



  1. Your hair is beautiful! Love your curly hair.

  2. Dear goodness, I'm in desperate need of this... My hair has been dreading lately and it's a bad situation...

  3. Next time you ever get "crunchy curls" from any gel, just scrunch out the crunch once it's dry, and the curls will instantly turn soft, shiny, and defined. It's a little known secret most curly girls have no idea about, hence their unanimous hate for hard-hold gels.

  4. Your curls are GORGEOUS. And I also love SS products, especially the CEJ and FHG. I have the protein spray, too, which for fine haired ladies is a very handy thing. :D Especially in summer.