Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Amon Korea Headbands!! :)

Imagine this:  you walk into school on a Monday wearing a brand new, adorable headband you got over the weekend.  It looks great and you didn't even have to spend that much for it.  But then... the unthinkable happens!  On your way to first period you see one.. no, make that TWO! girls wearing the same headband.  You ask yourself, "how could this have happened?" and I know the answer to that.  Although we all love that certain inexpensive store we'll call... Evermore 12, it's obvious we all shop there and wear the exact same things. 

So, to solve your hair wear problems, I recommend wearing a lovely headband from Amon Korea!  These headbands are great... they're comfy, super cute, and hand made!  Some are simple, sporting just a classy braid or maybe two and some are amazing, clearly hand-crafted, stunning works of art you can wear on your noggin!  I'm not joking, they're really pretty.  And best of all, they're all super affordable!  If you're into the hippie-inspired headband look like many celebs, Amon Korea headbands are perfect!  Or, like me, you can just wear them the regular old way and be equally cute!  Amon Korea also offers hats, visors, etc! Plus, (this is awesome) they offer special deals if you buy more than one (which, duh, you would anyway!).  So, if you want a fantastic headband at an even better price, check out Amon Korea on Ebay! 

Take this pretty sequined one, for example.
It's so delicate and makes anyone look totally angelic.

 Same with the adorable daisy headband.

My favorite? 

Other fantastic Amon Korea Headbands:
this headband is gorgeous! Hollywood style Flower Headband

GO TO: AMON KOREA! do it quickly! :)



  1. The amazon advertisements are really distracting. Took me a while to find the comment box.

    But the headbands are pretty. :)

  2. Oooh I like the first one!