Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Fashion Must-Have: The Mini Moustache Ring!

If I were to ask you the following question: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want a moustache ring right now?"  You'd probably say a low number or maybe just, "What's a moustache ring?"  Oh, it is only THEE most amazing piece of jewelry you will ever own!  From the moment I first laid eyes on this beaut, I know it was meant to be.  And where can one get such a fantastic little ring? from Punk. Love. Now. !!!

Well now you're probably wondering... what's Punk. Love. Now.?  Punk. Love. Now. is a super cute punk-y store on Etsy run by Mike Briggs and Carrie Love.  It's "A rocking store that custom makes clothes, jewelry, purses, and other fun goodies for you!!"  If you're like me, all you need to see is the moustache ring and you're sold!  But, if there are some skeptics still out there... here are some more adorable things.  Perhaps a strawberry ice cream cone could sway you?  Or, maybe sway on your neck, instead!

Remember Super Mario Brothers? Show you do by wearing a Chain Chomp Hair Clip!

If you're more into the punk-y side of Punk. Love. Now.... these will be right up your alley!
Handmade Skull Button Charm Bracelet
I've got this super fun Punk Love Now Necklace this cute and rocker-y little Punk. Love. Now Signature Hair Clip!

Everything is custom made, like this super cute pair of dice earrings!

 I am also (oddly?) obsessed with this little grape bottle cap magnet! How cute is that magnet?
(sorry about the quality!)

Punk. Love. Now. describes the moustache ring as "Uber cute and unique!!"  Trust me, that does not even do it justice.  At a Sweet 16 Dance Party, the mustache ring was a big hit.  At first, it acted as a distraction to keep us entertained until the party really got started.
While dancing, I accidentily hit someone with the ring and said "SORRY! That was my moustache ring!"  "Your what?" I showed them.... astounded!  "Oh My Gosh! That is so cool!"  They then pretended it was a real moustache on their face, which was hilarious.  So, insta-party on your finger? I think: Yes!

 OMG- so cute.... a cartoon version of Mike and Carrie's dog is the mascot!  And if you've got youngsters, check out their other site, Mr. Blue Puppy Studios (aw!).  While I'm not totally familiar with Yo Gabba Gabba, I think this is the cutest bag... ever?!

So, to bring this post full circle, let me ask you, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want a moustache ring right now?
It's probably a 10+, huh?  GO CHECK OUT PUNK. LOVE. NOW.

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