Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Ultimate Personal Gift Spot: Photo Jewelry Making

Sometimes getting gifts for you parents or really anyone that you're close to can be such a pain!  You want it to be personal, but you're not five so drawing a cute little family portrait just won't cut it anymore.  What you need is something creative, cute, and meaningful!  Photo Jewelry Making is the place to go! 
Does your mom love to host cocktail parties with her friends?  Get her the adorable Wine Charms Kit!  This way, you can put any pictures you want in the charms.  Maybe pictures of your family, pets, girly cocktails, anything! 
Maybe you need a gift for your grandparents who you don't really see that often, but still want it to be personal?  The Wine Charms are perfect!  Put in pictures of you and your siblings so they think of you while they're sipping their wine at dinner. 
Or, if you have a crafty mom, aunt, or older sister, just give them the entire Kit and let them have fun inserting the pictures on their own!
Of course some of us aren't 21 yet, no one said you can't use these charms on mocktails!  Have a fun girls night making the charms!

This Wine Charms Kit includes so much stuff to make it super easy and fun!  You get 6 rectangle photo wine tags and loop rings, the EZ-resizer CD, and NameMaker software!  All you need is some creative ideas and regular ol' printer paper!  (Lots of other Wine Charms Kits are available, too!  Getting married? They've got a kit for you!)

Photo Jewelry Making has tons of cute other things that you'll definitely want to check out!  Have you ever seen someone with a bottle cap necklace and you thought to yourself, "WOW! I love that, i wonder where they got it?"  Chances are they probably made it, and now you can make them, too!

This site has so much stuff, from customizable jewelry, to scrap-booking necessities, even cufflinks (Dad will LOVE that)!

So bookmark Photo Jewelry Making as "Best Gift Idea... Ever!" and never have to stress out again over getting someone the perfectly personal gift!

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