Monday, August 24, 2009


After (kind-of) stopping the awful habit of biting my nails, the only way to keep my nails growing is by painting them! The very first nail polish I used on my new, more lengthy nails was OPI. In '"Sheer" Your Toys', to be exact. Now, about six months later, I'm hooked. Although kind of pricey, their still worth it, if you ask me. Usually a bottle will put you back about $8. However, sometimes you find things when you're not looking for them. Last night, my mom and I were walking around Bed Bath & Beyond when we came across the clearance section. (our favorite :P) What else did we find but... OPI! Woohoo! And only 3.99! So now I'm wearing 'Lincoln Park at Midnight and, although I don't usually go for dark colors, I do love this dark purple. My summer favorite, though, 'Let them Eat Rice Cake' because it looks great with my tan! Check eBay too; you can always find good OPI bargains there.

Despite the cost, between my mom and I, we've acquired about ten different bottles:

-"Sheer" Your Toys

-Lincoln Park at Midnight

-Breathe Life

-It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's OPI

-Pillow Talk

-My Kind of Brown

-Nantucket Mist

-You're Such a Kabuki Queen

-25 Colorful Years

-Let Them Eat Rice Cake

What's your favorite OPI color? Comment!

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