Monday, May 18, 2009

JT Wins Survivor Tocantins!

24 year old Alabama cutie John “JT” Thomas, Jr. won, in a unanimous decision (only the 2nd time in the show’s history), Survivor Tocantins’ million dollar prize. He also won Sprint’s fan fave, bringing in an additional 100,000.00. Don’t let that incredible Southern boy accent fool you, JT is a smart cookie. He’s the first person in his family to graduate college (with a bachelor’s degree in business) and he owns and operates a registered Angus cattle ranch.

JT was pretty unbeatable, winning his last three immunity challenges. One of the greatest moments this season was when, during a particularly fierce challenge, JT lost part of a tooth. He kept playing like nothing happened, scoring a point and then another. When the challenge was over, host Jeff Probst tried to give JT his tooth back, but JT just shook it off. At last night’s finale, Jeff pulled something out of his pocket and unwrapped the tooth and asked JT if he wanted his tooth back. JT suggested that maybe his mom wanted it. (Hint to Mom: Sell that baby on ebay!)

JT was this season’s genuine nice guy. Of course, he did the requisite Survivor scheming, but he was always kind and honest, and he loves his momma. We like to believe that he and his final 2 buddy Stephen will really be good friends when it’s all said and done, like they said.

Even scruffy and muddy, JT was cute as could be. But when he was all cleaned up for the finale? Wooooo! That boy was ADORABLE!

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